Q550 - Technical Support rev.140

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The finely threaded components of this tool DO NOT require the use of threadlocker or sealant. The cylinder should always be hand-screwed onto the head/valve assembly before inserting the whole assembly into tool main body. Tighten with moderate force and lock in place with the head lock.

NEVER apply threadlocker or sealant onto cylinder or head threads. The use of a threadlocker will VOID the warranty.

Pneumatic nailer are designed to be operated with a 2.8 lbs mallet. Use ONLY the rubber end of the mallet to actuate the tool. The use of the steel end will damage the head assembly and will VOID the warranty.
Pneumatic tools require minimal lubrication. Few drops of oil weekly in the air inlet is sufficient to reduce wear and prolong life.
Troubleshoot your compressed air delivery system. Many of problems come from a faulty or inadequate compressed air supply system. Read this section before attempting to repair the tool.