This technical note will help to diagnose common problems and will give suggestions to solve them.

ico-caution To prevent injury, ALWAYS DISCONNECT THE AIR SUPPLY HOSE when adjusting, servicing or disassembling the tool.

First: Always check the compressed air supply

Many of problems come from a faulty or inadequate compressed air supply system.
Before attempting to repair the tool, the following points should be checked:

Second: Check for air leaks

At rest, this tool should not have any air leak. Before attempting to repair the tool and replace parts, check the following:

Tool does not drive fasteners

Head assembly loosens up during operation.

Remove the head assembly and insure that the cylinder is fully screwed onto it.
Re-insert the head assembly in place and insure that it is fully screw in place using moderate effort.
Lock in place with the head lock. Check regularly that the head is always fully screwed.

Fasteners are not set completely

Tool does not activate

Driving blade does not return

Broken or worn driving blade

Replace the driving blade. Failure to follow the instructions carefully will result in repeated breakage of the driving blade.

Other problems

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