P145 - Replacement Parts & Kits

Replacement parts for all configurations are listed below.
Always refer to the schematic specific to your tool version before ordering parts.

Always refer to the schematic specific to your tool when ordering parts.
Locate the tool code on your tool and goto the selector.
H‑084  Head cap Also available in Display Kit of 8 (ask for H-984).
See Installation instructions.
P‑009 Seal
P‑143V Valve assembly Complete with actuator.
P‑080 Mallet
Q‑001 Head cap
T-006 Head
T-008 Base
T-008B Adaptor plate For 3/4" florring installation
T-008C Adaptor plate For 1/2" to 5/8" flooring installation
T-008D Screw
T-008G Plate
T-016 Main body
T-016B Head gasket
T-016C Screw
T-016D Screw
T-016E Lock washer
T-022 Piston Assembly Complete piston and blade
T-022A Piston upper section Not sold separetely; order T-022
T-022B Piston lower section Not sold separetely; order T-022
T-022D Pin
T-022E O-ring
T-022F Piston o-ring
T-025 Bumper
T-026B Screw
T-026C Lock washer
T-026D Washer
T-026E Deflector
T-029 Gate plate
T-035 Long handle
T-037 Driving blade Includes T-022D
T-053 Magazine Complete magazine (includes T-029)

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