Technical Note

New Primpact module assembly

A redesigned Primpact module has been introduced in June 2016 on all Q550 tools. The significant change consists of the assembling of the head and the cylinder. In the new version, the two components are now snapped together as compared to the previous version which were screwed together.

There are now several components that are no longer compatible between versions, including main body, head, cylinder, valve and bumper.

Check which version your tool is when ordering replacement parts.


New version of
Primpact module

First version of
Primpact module

Introduced in July 2016 on all Q550 with Serial Number starting with "363000" or above. All Q550 with Serial Number less than "363000".

Head cap Q‑001 Q‑001
Head Q‑106 Q‑006
Valve Q‑143V Q‑043V
Cylinder Q‑118 Q‑018
Bumper Q‑125A Q‑025A
Main body Q‑116 Q‑016




The Q‑143V complete valve assembly fits all Q550 tools; and is retro-compatible with all older Q550.

The Q‑043V valve assembly and its components are no longer available. Order Q‑143V for replacement.

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