Technical Note

Installing the safety

  • You shouldn't need to remove the safety stop mechanism unless the safety stop do not swivel or has a broken tip.
  • Assemble the safety stop with Q-061A , Q-061C and Q-061D.
  • Insert the short end of the stem into the safety stop as shown.
  • Put two drops of adhesive sealant onto the thread area of Q-061C, near its cylindrical end. Make sure no sealant is retained on the end or exterior wall.
  • Insert the assembly into the hole in the tool body as shown. Ľ Hold Q-061C and tight with screw P-153A.


The plastic base can be installed or removed without the need of a tool.
  • First, insert the other end of the connecting stem into the safety contact as shown.
  • Lift the safety contact and fully slide-in the plastic base onto the brackets of the tool.
  • The safety contact should simply drop into place. Insert the locking rod until it snaps. It should engage the safety contact.


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